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Faces of Fostering – Andrew and Sarah, our motivation to foster.

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Faces of Fostering – Andrew and Sarah, our motivation to foster.

‘My Mum had worked with children when I was growing up, and this meant I had picked up a lot of knowledge about children in care from her,’ says Sarah.

‘However, my motivation to foster children came from my work. I am a qualified teacher, and I have been teaching children since 2008.’

‘Many of the children I have taught are foster children or are children at risk. I knew the reporting process for foster children and the importance of working together with other support services to help children.’

‘However, I could see the difference that foster carers made to the children I taught, and I knew that both Andrew and I could make a difference in a child’s life.’

‘I know our relationship is strong; we both have very different qualities to offer children, not just professionally but personally.’

Andrew said, ‘I am the funny and daft one, and I am also very laid back.’ ‘We are different but in a good way.’

Sarah added, ‘We know that matching children with foster carers is complex. However, our relationship with Caritas and Lucy is strong. We know each other really well, and therefore, the matching is spot on!’

Andrew: men should seriously think about fostering!

I asked Andrew about his motivation to foster. Andrew said, ‘I want to make a child’s life better.’

‘I always wanted a large family. I had one brother growing up, and it was good, but I always wanted lots of children.’

‘However, I don’t see family as blood-related. I think your family is what you make it; because to us, a close family is an important relationship to have in your life.’

‘We have friends who we feel are our family, and this is the same for children. Our foster children don’t have to be our blood family to belong with us.’

Andrew said, ‘when I was in my 20, s I used to be good friends with a girl who was a foster child. I saw her as a sister, but I knew from her quite a bit about fostering.’

Andrew added, ‘I would foster again in a heartbeat. Even if I was a single man, I would do it.’ ‘Now I know more about fostering, I would say to men who are thinking about fostering, just do it.’

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