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Jack has never felt so positive about the future.

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Jack has never felt so positive about the future.

Jack was referred to Caritas Care’s Assisted Community Engagement service ACE by the community mental health team; they were unable to support him any longer due to his behaviour but they knew he needed support.

Initially, Jack was angry and reluctant to engage with ACE.  His past experiences had told him that nobody would support or stay with him long enough to really help.  On referral to ACE, it was established that sadly Jack was not taking his medication for anxiety/depression, was at risk of being evicted and had lost all contact with his children due to his aggressive behaviours.

After a short period, the team at ACE discovered that Jack was unable to read and write and this this was actually the cause of a lot of his issues.  Jack’s worker help him to successfully apply to receive a personal independence payment increasing his income and enabling him to fix the  windows he had broken in anger, buy essential kitchen items and furnish his flat.

At this time, Jack was at risk of eviction by his housing provider due to his aggressive behaviour. ACE was able to arrange a meeting with them and talk to them about his situation and the help he was receiving. We were so pleased when they withdrew his eviction notice on the condition that ACE ACE continued to support Jack and liaised with them on his behalf.  This was such a positive outcome and suited all parties involved.

We knew that Jack was unable to read or write, so ACE arranged and supported him to a medication review; he now receives his medication weekly, ordered by the pharmacy so he just has to pick it up.

Jack said, “Working with the team at ACE my mental health is improving and I’ve never never felt so positive about the future.”

ACE Service Manager said, “We are delighted with the progress that Jack has made during his time engaging with ACE.  Not only has his relationship with his housing provider improved, he now also has regular contact with his children.  We wish Jack healthy, happier and brighter future.”

If you would like to find out more about the wonderful work the ACE service does in the community click HERE

Note: Jack’s name has been changed to protect his identity and stock image used.

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