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Jamie’s life changing experience alters his outlook on life with the support of ACE

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Jamie’s life changing experience alters his outlook on life with the support of ACE

Jamie was referred to ACE (Assisted Community Engagement) as having no fixed address and so had also spent some time residing in Approved Premises.

Jamie had spent a significant amount of time in custody since a young age; his family have always been supportive of him and maintained a good relationship.  ACE successfully supported Jamie into supported accommodation where he really blossomed.

Part of ’Jamie’s’ journey was the life changing experience we were able to offer in a trip to Bendrigg Trust outward bound centre in the Lake District which is adapted for disabled and disadvantaged people of any age or ability. This opportunity to support children with life limiting conditions changed Jamie’s outlook and perception on life.  He saw children who faced huge daily challenges enjoying themselves and making the best of life.

Jamie said “this opportunity was life changing for me. I realised how much the choices I had made in life had affected me. It made me think about my own talents and helped me to look at my own future and the changes I can put in place to develop and grow to do the things I am good at.”

Sharon Smith, ACE Service Manager said, “We are extremely proud of Jamie and how he has embraced the experiences he had on the trip to Bendrigg and it is something he has embraced ever since.

Jamie’ is now living in supported accommodation and still enjoying his strong family bond; he has now reconnected with his son and we are delighted for him.

Jamie as turned his life around. The life changes he has made have been supported by his Mum and they now enjoy a stronger relationship. He continues to progress with his life remembering this experience and embracing every day.”

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