National Adoption Week 2021 Champions the Voices of Less Heard

National Adoption Week 2021 Champions the Voices of Less Heard

NATIONAL ADOPTION WEEK 2021 launches on Monday 18th October continuing through
to Sunday 24th October.

The campaign will focus on modern adoption by raising awareness and
generating a better understanding of the different experiences in the adoption process.

This will be done through an honest exploration of the many voices of those whose lives have been
impacted by adoption and involved in finding loving and safe homes for children. It will highlight
and champion stories from adopted children, adopted adults, adoptive parents, birth parents, social
workers, and family members who watched loved ones go through the process.

Through championing the stories less told, the campaign aims to educate and inform people on the
adoption process today from all aspects and perspectives.

The campaign will further generate a better public understanding of adoption through raising
awareness of who is eligible to adopt, the assessment of prospective parents’ suitability, the adoption
process, and the support available for adoptive parents and others involved in the process.

Head over to our National Adoption Week page where you can watch the campaign video and read real stories from real people talking about adoption from all perspectives.  

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