At Caritas Care we recognise that good support weaves in and out of each family’s adoption journey.

Support groups are key – attending before your children are placed enables you to talk to adopters who have experienced introductions and placement, attending when things are going well enables you to build a solid adoption community which you can call on when life throws up challenges.

We have support groups running in:

Cumbria – Cockermouth (jointly with Cumbria County Council) and Ulverston
Lancashire – our Lancashire group meets between Preston and Lancaster
Manchester – our group meets in Salford.

We also have a group for single adopters, currently meeting on line but with face to face meet ups planned.

Not forgetting our Young People

We have an online Friendship Group for young people contact:  and an e Pack for young people at secondary school HERE

For families with children

Don’t miss our Christmas parties, Easter Fun events and Summer events – giving our children the opportunity to be amongst other adopted children always seems to offer another dimension to a fun time for all the family. You can find our Children’s Guide HERE


You can request a consultation to speak to one of our adoption support social workers

We have two days a month when we offer consultations to discuss anything that is worrying you and offer advice or signpost you to the right people to talk to about worries and concerns you have.
To make an appointment contact

All of this information you will find in our NEWSLETTER which comes out quarterly.

If you have children aged 10 and over, you might find our Parent’s e Pack useful.