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Adopted Adults

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If you were adopted through Caritas Care, formerly Lancaster Diocesan Protection and rescue Society

People who have been effected by adoption often want to talk about their situation and their feelings.  We offer a post adoption service to adults who were placed for adoption by our agency (formerly called Lancaster Diocesan Protection and Rescue Society) for people who are wishing to find out about their past, access their birth records and search for their birth family. We also offer an intermediary service for birth family members who wish to search for an adopted person placed through our Agency.

For adoptions that were arranged through our agency, please send your enquiry to

If you were not adopted through Caritas Care

For those not adopted through our agency we do not hold your adoption records, but you might find the following websites helpful

 Adoption Search and Reunion

The following website will be useful for:

  • Those whose adoption was not arranged through our agency or for those not sure where their files are located.
  • Those who wish to search for a family member independently

Adoption Contact Register

If you are searching for a birth family member or you do not wish to be contacted by birth family, you may want to consider putting your name on the Adoption Contact Register. For a connection to be made between people, you must both be on the register. There is a small fee for this service, but full details can be found on the government website below:

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