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Charlotte’s recovery journey motivates her to help others

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Charlotte’s recovery journey motivates her to help others

Charlotte recognised she needed to make some lifestyle changing decisions following a period of time battling with addictions and family issues.  She came to the Assisted Community Engagement (ACE) Service as a friend of one of our MAP (Members After Prison) Group Ambassadors and she has never looked back.

Charlotte was quite shy and expressed her struggle to build relationships with others due to her previous experience with professionals and services. Her previous lifestyle involved a hostile family environment, exposed to drugs and violence from members of her family. Charlotte was in an abusive relationship to which she found it difficult to break free from drug use and violence.

Charlotte grew up caring for her mother and worried about her mother’s safety and care if she left this life behind. Charlotte made the choice to leave her home town and move away into recovery homes.

Charlotte said “Leaving my family and friends was a tough decision for me. however I knew that, in order for me to start my recovery journey and change my life, I had to make this choice.

Whilst moving into recovery homes, I made new friends and I soon realised that there were others who had been through similar experiences. I have since attended recovery meetings and events all over the country and began to share my story in the hope that I can inspire others to make positive lifestyle changes too.”

Sharon Smith, ACE Service Manager said, “Charlotte still has regular contact with her family and visits them throughout the year. She has shown great courage in moving away and being able to see the positive changes she has made. She is now due to start a college access course for university and has become an ambassador for the MAP Group inspiring others.

We are all really proud of what Charlotte has achieved and the lifestyle changes and choices she has made on her recovery journey.  It’s been a real privilege to have watched her flourish and we are so pleased that she has decided to share her experiences and positive outcome with other people we work with.”

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Note: Charlotte’s name has been changed to protect his identity and stock image used.


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