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Time to Foster?

Time is always in short supply and high demand.  Finding a balance between what we want to do and what we have to do is a constant challenge so it’s understandable that people approach fostering with some trepidation.

Let’s be honest, children take up a LOT of time.

Some people decide that they’ll dip their toes in the water by offering Short Term or Respite Care which all have short durations whilst more permanent plans for the children are put into place.

But ….

Children sometimes do need a Short Term placement.  Decisions about their future will be under consideration so their length of stay can be unpredictable and are likely to be needed at short notice.

However many of our children require Long Term or Permanent Care.  Perhaps they have been unable to find adoptive parents or perhaps they are still in contact with their birth family and need somewhere safe to call home until they are old enough to live independently. Whatever the situation, we find good matches amongst our foster carers who are willing to step up to the challenge.

If you do take that step, we can help you feel confident and qualified to be amazing foster families.

We do this in two ways: Training and Support

Case Studies

I did work flexi-time two and half days a week. But it was difficult to do the school run and then on to work in the morning and the other way round at night. It was about an hour’s commute twice a day. Then there was the meetings, training, illnesses, the usual stuff. It was difficult to fit everything in, so I made the decision to become a full time foster carer. The training differs in duration. There are training days and regular supervised visits where they get to know your whole life story. Mostly they are at Caritas Care and they are usually a day’s course. It’s all these bits of things that when you put them together… and I’m a single parent so it all falls to me.

Time wise it’s been exactly as I expected it. You need to do the training and that’s been appropriate for what we were taking on. At home we don’t have loads of time to keep things all neat and in order. If you could stand in my living room now you’d see it’s covered in kids toys and general messy family stuff. That’s what I thought it would be like.I would turn up at Caritas Care for the training and I remember it was about Building Blocks and how some of the foster children needed help putting parts of their lives back together. I found it fascinating and when my foster child started to regress into a baby mode I knew she was just missing those Building Blocks. I knew it wasn’t unusual or strange and most importantly, I knew I could help her.

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