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Our training courses are available to all Caritas Care adopters. To book a place, please email: or call 01772 732313.

At Caritas Care, we recognise that learning about adoption and how best to support our children is a life long journey.

We offer regular workshops, which you can book by contacting

Parenting with PACE

The aim of this day is to deepen your understanding of Dan Hughes’ PACE parenting approach.

PACE stands for a way of being with your child, which is informed by our understanding of the importance of the qualities of Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy.

The aim of using a PACE parenting approach is to help your child to be able to trust you and for you to feel more confident in helping your child to understand their past and current experiences better. We will explore the four elements of PACE in detail and there will be lots of opportunities to practice having PACE conversations in real life (no roleplay).

Therapeutic Life Story Workshop

Talking about adoption and helping your child to have a balanced understanding of their early history is a key to a positive sense of self and identity.

At this workshop, we will explore the challenges of sharing what may be, for some, very difficult information about your child’s family of origin and their time spent in the care system. We understand that this can vary greatly, dependent on a child’s age, situation and their growing levels of understanding. Together we will explore children’s needs at different stages and ways to promote helpful conversations and understanding.

Shame and Self Esteem

Self esteem can be an issue for our children and can be communicated through behaviour which we misinterpret – this is a good opportunity to reflect on this and use the thinking to enhance our parenting.

Our training courses are available to all Caritas Care adopters. To book a place, please email: or call 01772 732313.

You and Your Support Network

Support network training is for people who are related to or friends of adoption applicants. It is held via Microsoft Teams. It is aimed at increasing the understanding of the needs of adopted children and the parenting they require. Subjects discussed include attachment, child development and the impact of neglect and abuse, safeguarding and therapeutic parenting. This is so that the family and friends of adoptive parents can best support them to meet the needs of a vulnerable child. The training includes Power Point presentations, case studies, discussion, Q&A and a video. The group will be no larger than eight households. 

Introduction to Therapeutic Parenting

In this training, we consider the long-term impact of early traumatic experiences and disrupted attached cycles on children’s development and attachment behaviour. This training provides an opportunity to consider how you can develop your skills in therapeutic parenting and aims to develop your confidence in providing a safe environment where your child can build trust and work towards developing secure attachments.

We explore the concept of Therapeutic Parenting through different therapeutic approaches, including, Dan Hughes’ Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (D.D.P) and Theraplay.  This will help parents to begin to formulate their own unique approach, tailored to the specific needs of their child and family.

We also consider the potential impact of parenting a traumatised child on parents’ wellbeing so participants can begin to think about self- care strategies and building a supportive network.

These workshops are online

Our training courses are available to all Caritas Care adopters. To book a please, please email: or call 01772 732313.

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