An Audience with a Single Adopter with Siblings

An Audience with a Single Adopter with Siblings

You are invited to ‘An Audience with a Single Adopter with Siblings’

Robert is a single adopter and has adopted 2 siblings. Robert wants to share his experiences with you about adopting as a single person and adopting siblings in this month’s ‘An Audience with an Adopter’ event.  He will be available to answer your questions about his experience before, during and after the adoption process and the support he received both pre and post placement of his 2 children.

Some of the biggest misconceptions around eligibility are that single people are unable to adopt, which is not the case. Data has revealed that 46% of single people believed they would be either ineligible to adopt or were unsure if they were eligible to adopt.

Robert is living proof that single people can adopt and he wants to raise awareness to ensure other single people don’t miss out on the opportunity of growing their family through adoption.  He wants to help us dispel the myths and re-assure you that adoption is possible as a single person.

If you are a single person and feel you can consider giving a home and a family to a child or a sibling group, please come along to this event to hear first-hand what it’s like to be an adopter with Caritas Care.

Click HERE to book your place. 

We will also be holding online adoption information events every fortnight on a Tuesday evening at 6.30.  Click HERE to find out more and to book on to one of these events.

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